The One And Only Shell Museum

Published: 21st July 2010
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February 13, 2010 - Spending weekend could be great if you go to an uncommon place. Try to go to Bali Shell Museum. Placed on Sunset Street, Kuta. There are various types of shellfish and hundreds millions years old shellfish fossils that you can see there.

The new museum which opened on September 2009, is the first shell museum and the only one in Indonesia. Bali Shell Museum opens every day, starting at 09.00 am until 09.00 pm. To enter the museum, the adult visitors had to pay 50,000 Rupiah, while the children charged 30,000 Rupiah.

This shell museum consists of three floors. The first floor display various shells that have been processed into home decoration, while the rooms which houses a collection of shells and fossil shells are on the second floor and third.

On the second floor of the museum, visitors can see some shellfish fossils that look like a squid. This fossils called Orthoceras, estimated 395 million-year-old. There is also a flower-like shell fossil called Crinoid, which was about 440
million years. In addition, there are shells fossil which claimed as the largest shell in Asia called Crinions. This fossil has 1,4 meter of diameter with 170 kgs weight.

On the third floor of the museum, visitors can see a very shiny shells called Cypraea Moneta. This type of Shells in ancient times had a same function like money.

According to the museum officer, Bali Shell Museum costs 6 billion US Dollar to built. The museum stores about 10 thousand species of mussels which the age are from 100 to 500 million years old. The visitors can also watch a documentary movie about the life of oysters and the story of fossil shells discovery.

So, if you feel so curious with Bali Shell Museum, just visits it on on Sunset Street, Kuta, and learn the various type of shells in the world. You can ask Annora's staff for detailed location.

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