Sailboat-Sail Across The Ocean For Bali

Published: 29th July 2010
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January 13, 2010 - Is it possible to sail across the ocean from US to Bali with only a sailboat? 51 years old Rob 'Rama' Rambini will answer that question. He's going to sail across the Pacific ocean alone with his Jensen Marine Cal 30 sailboat named SV Kona. Heading towards Bali from San Francisco, he believes that the journey will finished in about eight months.

Rama is Indonesian photographer who works in San Francisco, California. He actually wanted to leave at the end of 2009, but he had to cancel his departure because of the bad weather. Still, he's sure that he will be able to start the journey before winter is over. In Indonesia, he hopes to reunite with his mother, Trisutji Kamal, who lives in Jakarta. He hasn't seen her since he left for the United States.

Rama plans to travel from San Francisco to Tahiti, then to the Cook Islands, then Fiji to Bali. He hopes to stay for one or two weeks in the Cook Islands, then about two months in Fiji to rest the boat before completing the journey.

Some preparation has been done by Rama while waiting for the right weather and material conditions. He does aerobic exercise to keep his body in a good condition.

He also practices to focus his mind. It's a good practice to keep the positive mental attitude and to stay calm on every situation, because sailing in the open ocean is dangerous, sometimes even life-threatening. He believes that although SV Kona is not very large, it is strong enough to sail the ocean.

Rama plans to report the trip on his Facebook and a blog called "California to Bali Solo Voyage."


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