Nungnung Waterfall

Published: 25th June 2010
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Nungnung waterfall is located in Petang, Badung Regency. It's about 15 kilometers from Sangeh Monkey Forest or 40 kilometers north of Denpasar. Nungnung waterfall situated in a virgin green jungle. A thousand steps down to the river offers cool trek while enjoying the stunning view of rush river valley and forest.

Nungnung waterfall is rarely visited. It's not as famous as Gitgit Waterfall, but it offers a stunning view. Just before the main waterfall, you will find a smaller waterfall. If the sun shine brightly, you can see a very beautiful twin rainbow in the morning.

The waterfall can be reached by car from Denpasar - the one hour journey passes through roads with little traffic surrounded by a captivating landscape of terraced ricefields, lush green hills, valleys, paddy fields, and orange groves. Pelaga Belok Sidan agrotourism is another amazing spot.

This highest Bali's waterfall is set within a dense jungle. The falls can be reached on foot via a well-defined staircase with a 45 degree angle. Although the stairs have been advanced in order to ease the trek, the condition around the falls is relatively untouched, so you have to be alert to the ravines at the side which are quite steep and risky. One is bodily challenged to climb up the stairs, it may require a certain technique and lots of energy.

You will be tired and sweating at the end of the trek since a lot of energy is needed for the 10 km trail. However, along the trail you will be entertained by the birds that serenade, the flow of the falls, boundless fresh air, and perhaps the sound of bamboo gamelan played by the farmers from the huts. In the distance you can see the waterfall hidden behind the thick green undergrowth.

The entrance fee is Rp.3,000 for each person including parking fee.

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