Easy Dive Site In Sanur

Published: 30th June 2010
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The dive sites in Sanur are perfect for those who do not have much time or energy to dive the North of Bali Sea. The Sanur dive sites are just a few minutes from the shore. It also a home to an enormous marine life such as various types of fish, seahorse, mantis shrimp, blue ring octopus and many different nudibranchs in the area around the reef of Sanur. There is also a vast variety of coral growth with boomies and large table corals present aswell. Even sea snake, crocodile fish and sharks are occasionally seen.

Three named dive sites exist at the reef in front of Sanur, which are named "Channel Point", "Penjor Reef" and "Jeladi Wilis". These three dive sites offer a bit different bottom composition each of them. Although there is a lot of marine life to see, sometimes the underwater visibility can be a challenge and currents depending on the tides.

The Penjor Reef located at east of Sanur with 5 to 15 meters of visibility and 3 to 20 meters (10 to 65 feets) of depths, it can be reach on 15 minutes by traditional boat. The current is usually mild, but it can pick up and become challenging. You can see various marine life in Penjor Reef such as Blue-spotted stingrays and occasionally white-tip reef shark, butterflyfish, chromis and oriental sweetlips. Meanwhile, the main attractions are a vast array of healthy coral. The Penjor Reef is a quick and easy dive site. Snorkelling is perfect for novice scuba students.

The second dive site of Sanur is Channel Point. Channel Point located at east of Sanur with 5 to 15 meters of visibility and 3 to 20 meters (10 to 65 feets) of depths, it can be reach on 5 minutes by traditional boat. The currents can be strong here, especially during full moon when surge is usually present. There are lots of exotically coloured fish in this area. White-tip reef shark occasionally visit, sea snakes, blue spotted rays. Channel Point is normally an easy site. It's good for snorkelling and dive training because its convenient location.

The last dive site of Sanur is Jeladi Willis. It located in East Sanur and is a nice gentle dive site that starts around 3 meters and slopes of to about 20 meters. The current here can get strong, so diving at slack tide is important. This site has visibility ranging from 5 to 15 meters. It's easy to see some nice corals here which are home to many nudibranchs, stingrays, scorpion fish, octopus and many more. Jeladi Willis is also a recommended place for a night dive in Sanur.

Sanur dive site is ideal for beginners, yet experienced divers who seek an adventure not far from civilization.

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