Batur Natural Hotspring

Published: 15th July 2010
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Pekraman Batur village at Kintamani has manage a natural hotspring spot. It is called "Batur Natural Hot Spring", located around the foot of Mount Batur, about a half hour from Denpasar.

Batur Natural Hotspring can be reached by car. At the spot's entrance, you will find that there are two types of ticket prices. The 25,000 Rupiahs ticket and 10 US Dollars ticket. The 25,000 Rupiahs ticket is usually bought by domestic visitors, while the foreign visitors are prefer to buy the 10 US Dollars ticket. The difference between those tickets is on the facility. By paying 10 US Dollars for entrance, you will get fresh juice as a welcome drink, towel, soap, and shampoo.

Batur Natural Hotspring has two swimming pools. Physically, there is no noticeable difference in pool size or quality of the water. Both look the same.

Views of Lake Batur lies in front of the pool. A number of people are fishing at the lake side. Around this area, there are a lot of floating cages where many tilapia fishes or "mujair" are breed. Not surprisingly if one of the most popular dish in the area is mujair.

The pool manager also provides a number of foods to eat while swimming. Some of the "bale" (traditional seats) to relax is also provided around the pool.

On the left side of the pool, there are shower facilities and a small lake for anyone who wants to enjoy the warm water with low price or voluntary. Just put the money in a donation box which is guard by an officer and enjoy the warm water.

The warm water pool with around 40 degrees celcius of temperatures and sulfur substances is obtained naturally from volcanic rocks of Mount Batur. According to the local village board, the hot water cames from several points around Mount Batur. The pool manager only makes tanks to accommodate the hot water. From these tanks, hot waters are flowed through small pipes to be used as water fountains to public baths.

This spot adds the variant of nature tourism in Mount Batur besides climbing the mountain and trekking the lake. Even the heated pool is perfect to physical recovery after trekking or hiking.

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